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 Our aim is to supply a complete range of precision high standard thermocouples and furnace controlled spikes with a quality and service throughout the Semiconductor industry by providing a fast and efficient manufacture.

 We have a repair and re -calibration service with complete traceability of all components and finished items.

 Manufacture and calibrate a complete range of Precision Profiling Thermocouples and Furnace Control Spikes employing only the highest quality source materials for their design and construction.

 A full range of horizontal and vertical designs are available on request.


 Thermocouple Materials  




Platinum / Platinum Rhodium Wire Standard Grade 0.5mm Diameter


Temperature range (ºC)





Platinum- 10% Rhodium vs. Platinum


0 to + 1500





Platinum 13% Rhodium vs. Platinum


0 to +1600





 Platinum 30% Rhodium vs. Platinum 6% Rhodium


+100 to +1700





Nickel-Chromium vs.Nickel-Aluminium


0 to +1100


                         Ceramic insulators: Re-crystallised Alumina grade 99.7-99.8 Al2O3





 Material Product range 

  • Twin Bore Tri and Five Junction with Flying Leads and Stepped Sheath.
  • Twin Bore Tri and Five Junction with Clamp Leads and Stepped Sheath.
  • Multi Bore Tri and Five Junction with Flying Leads and Stepped Sheath.
  • Furnace Control Spikes with Flying Leads
  • Right Angled Multi and Twin Bore Vertical.


Customer’s individual requirement on none standard thermocouples can be made to order.

Platinum wire is used throughout the Flying Leads.


All calibrations are preformed using a purpose built special manufactured furnace

and with a comparison against an NPL National Physical Laboratory standard.

The conductor material used is 0.5 mm diameter (if not otherwise specified) and calibrated at gold point. We at Kee Logic re-calibrate each junction on an individual

Basis after complete manufacturing to ensure that accuracy has been maintained and that no errors or contamination has been induced during our manufacturing process.


The calibration data is calculated over the range of +200ºC to +1200ºC with a step

seize of 5ºC. If required, your thermocouple can also be calibrated at a lower step seize.

It is recommended to re-calibrate your thermocouples after a period of 6 months of in-service use, or every year, which ever occurs sooner.


 In addition to the manufacture of new thermocouples, our comprehensive service package is being offered to all our costumers’ technical and economical requirements: 

  • New for Old
  • Repair and calibration
  • Re-calibration against NPL Standard
  • Emergency call 24 hour service.


Our repair service represents a further cost saving opportunity in comparison to the New for Old service. Only those parts of a thermocouple are being “ renewed” that fail to meet the standards required.