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 We are Scotland’s leading scientific glassware manufacturing facility, backed by many years experience in the specialist Quartz and Borosilicate business. 

Our aim is to set new standards of quality, service and efficiency for all Laboratory Glassware and Semiconductor customers.

Every client is an individual with individual needs. Utilizing existing systems and custom designed products, we can satisfy all clients’ requirements. 

Quartz is considered the preferred material for a full range of semiconductor process applications with very high purity, excellent electrical and thermal properties as well as a high resistance to chemical attack. 

Because our company is not tied to one supplier, we can offer competitive pricing and short delivery times. With this strength we can support the requirements of all our customers needs. 

With our vast experience in design and then fabrication of high quality Lab-ware and Quartz-ware, we have the capabilities to fulfill all your requirements

We also produce a wide range of borosilicate parts for various processes.


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E-mail: sales@keelogic.co.uk