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Kee Logic supply a complete range of semiconductor quartz ware

fabricated to meet individual customer requirements.


The manufacturing system in place provides us with total traceability of all raw

materials and finished parts supplied to all customers



  Process Tubes Horizontal & Vertical

  Boat Contiguous, Low Profile, LTO Cages, Long Boats, 52 Slot Carriers

  Accessories T\C Sheaths, Baffles, Double Baffles, 3 Pos Baffles, Exhaust Pipes, Hydrogen Injectors, Pull Rods, Boat Holder, End Plate Doors

  Elephants, End Caps, Roller Sleds

  Optically Polished Plates and Discs

  Quartz Tanks

  Rods and Tubing, Plates and Discs all sizes

  Furnace annealing facility

  Machine cutting, drilling and grinding of Glass Material

  Silicon Carbide cleaning facility


 Material Data sheets

GE Quartz Materials Used - PDF file

Heraeus Quartz Materials Used - PDF file



A comprehensive refurbishment services, including repair and reconditioning, modifications is available for all types of components.